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Index of Scientific Studies proving the efficacy
and effectiveness of Therapeutic Massage
as a healing modality.
Massage Debunkers Debunked!
Some skeptics attempt to debunk
Massage Therapy as a effective treatment.
Here such arguments are addressed.

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Massage And Autism

Massage For Autism At Home: Results of Studies

Massage for Autism has been shown to be a promising modality, utilized as a complementary treatment as part of an overall wellness plan. Massage and Autism has been a topic of great interest for a number of years, and has even caught the attention of medical doctors and researchers. As a result, studies have been conducted, and are ongoing, aimed at demonstrating whether Therapeutic Massage for autistic children is helpful, or a spurious therapy, just rooted in myth.

Results of these studies have showm that further research is definitely warranted. Far from showing Massage For Autism to be useless or just anecdotal, conclusions drawn from these studies show that what many parents had found on their own has a basis in fact: Massage and Autism benefits are real. Autism is a challenging condition to address, because it affects many aspects of the child's life. (Click here to see the wikipedia entry on autism) (see National Institutes of Health entry on autism) Therapeutic Massage seems to address multiple issues, according to both the claims of parents, as well as the conclusions drawn by researchers conducting clinical studies involving Massage and Autism.

Massage for autistic children has its roots in the real world, rather than a lab or research hospital. Touch therapies had been explored in the last few decades by frustrated parents seeking supportive therapies to help their autistic child. Working with an autistic child is a bit different than most massage clients, as some kids with autism are nonverbal, and a skilled therapist who is extremely empathic and good at nonverbal communicating will work best. Massage for autistic children requires a great deal of constant attention and a dedicated, tireless attitude.

Massage for autistic children has been shown to improve inattentiveness issues (staying on task), touch aversion, and withdrawl. ( Click here to view the study referenced here about autism) When the study was completed, most parents weren't shocked. The clinical evidence supported what they had already found, at the advice of other, more experienced parents: Therapeutic Massage for Children with Autism is effective, and can really help the situation in a variety of ways.

Massage And Autism: Better Sleep, More Focus, Less Anxiety For Autistic Children

Massage and Autism Studies ( Such as the study found by clicking here)have also shown that Therapeutic Massage helps autistic kids sleep better, as well as stay focused and on-task while awake. These results concur with the results of the first study cited above. Autism, and autism spectrum disorders, usually leave the sufferer feeling sensory overload, which can be both disorienting and exhausting. Massage for autistic children can help them to relax, and attain a more focused and calm state of mind. As many autistic children have issues with overstimulation, the massage therapist must be mindful of not using too much pressure initially, and working in a flowing and relaxing style throughout the session.

Parents of kids involved with yet another study on Massage and Autism (Click here to view the study) felt, according to their survey results, that their children were less anxious. While this bore out in the statistical results, further analysis of the data showed improvements with sleep, staying on task, and other measurable variables. Again, studies proved what many parents already knew: Massage For Autism Helps.

Massage For Autism: At-Home Mobile Massage Benefits

Massage at Home for autistic children is probably the best choice. Taking an autisic child to the day spa, dealing with unfamiliar surroundings with many new faces and sights and sounds and scents can be totally counterproductive. Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy travels to your home, and can provide therapeutic massage for your autistic child right in the comfort of your own home. Massage for autism should be more widely known as a potentially beneficial adjunctive therapy aimed at helping autistic children to fare better, enjoying a better quality of life, while at the same time helping them to interact more positively with those around them.

Many community and health centers offer programs that were developed to help autistic kids adjust to society as best they can, as well as function better in their daily lives. Massage Therapy is not a replacement for these programs, but at-home massage for autism may help an autistic child benefit more from his participation in such programs. Therapeutic Massage and Autism are two topics that should be discussed together more frequently among parents, physicians, and those working in community-based autism programs. With time, this will likely change.

The results of the studies show that most kids exhibit positive change from massage for autism, but some will benefit more than others. Without trying, you won't know if your autistic child could potentially benefit from at-home therapeutic massage, a risk-free treatment without any destructive side-effects or unknowns. If you would like to discuss Massage and Autism with us, we would be happy to speak with you on the phone about our experiences with autistic clients we have worked with. Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy travels to Central or Northern New Jersey and NYC, providing mobile massage to clients at their location.

Editorial Board, H. Miller, Content Editor

As Massage Therapists, our role as part of your health care team is clear.
We are not Doctors or Nurses, and cannot replace their vital services.
But the number of conditions that Massage Therapy has been proven to help with
grows by the week, as new research is conducted worldwide about the far-ranging effects
of Therapeutic Massage.

The Massage Benefits Section of this web site is dedicated to learning, and sharing,
information about evidence-based Therapeutic Massage and health. As Massage Therapists, we
feel it is essential for our clients to be educated about Massage Therapy, and
the state of current research. This site is owned and operated by H. Miller, and is a non-moderated platform.

Our mission, with regard to the Massage Benefits section of NJMassage.Info,
is to inform our clients, and worldwide web users browsing our site,
about Massage Therapy, with regard to various topics including
quackery, current research studies, as well as conditions that Massage
Therapy shows promise with, as supported by medical and university research.

The information provided on the NJMassage.Info web site is
for informational purposes only and should not be considered
medical, psychiatric, psychological or behavioral health
care advice. Nothing contained on the NJMassage.Info web site is
intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or as a
substitute for consultation with a qualified health care professional.
NJMassage.Info displays advertisements and links to third party websites.
Mountainside On-Site Masage Therapy does not make any representation,
warranty, or endorsement of any product or service or the content
or accuracy of any materials contained in, or linked to,
any advertisement or link on the Site. All advertisements are clearly marked.
Ad proceeds may be used to help fund this site.

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